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My daughter also has Sensory processing disorder, To be more specific. She has Sensory discrimination disorder. It is a sensory issue.

She does not feel pain the same way. She doesn’t get the normal warning signs that normally give you a reaction to something–she misses that. I could go on and on with examples, but I will not. I just didn’t know there was such a thing. We are all learning. We try hard to focus on the special needs she does have, without catering to her every demand. Sometimes that is easier than other times.

She is full of energy and is very much fire and ice. Hot or Cold!? Most people do not understand her, and assume she has just had too much sugar. 😒🙁

having a special needs child is difficult, having a special needs child that looks ‘normal’ makes everyone assume she just has behavioral problems.

I always try to be honest and real, and sometimes she IS just being an ASSHOLE! I get that, but most of the time there is something more going on and it is difficult to always distinguish the two.
So I try to remember as the judgments come in…..They do not now what you deal with, or how hard it is. Everyday!

So this is for every Mom out there who has had to carry a burden none of us should have to. We got you Mama!

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