Best Family Christmas Scavenger hunt

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Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year,

The family and the tradition of it all feel like Magic to me.

My parents both retired and moved (back to) Arizona in 2016, So for their last year living in Missouri, We all (my siblings and I) went out to Kansas City for a big hoopla at Mom and Dad’s for one big Christmas together.

This was the best most exciting FREE thing that we could have possibly done together! Every single one of us enjoyed it!

Picture Family Christmas scavenger hunt

We did ours at Target, but truly anywhere would work, I had a list of 25 things on our list, some specific, some generic. My computer program allowed me to mix up the order in the list and reprint. We had 4 teams of 4 (there are a bunch of us) I supplied a sample list at the bottom of this post. Once a few of the customers realized we were playing a game, they started to help.


  • The 1st team to present a picture of each item on their list. In the correct order first WIN!
  • The entire team must be in a selfie with the 1st and last item on the list. (Does not have to be both items in same picture)

Pretty simple, right. (We chose to take pictures of the items on our list instead of gathering the items in a cart, simply because the employees have enough to do at Christmas….not cleaning up our stuff) But there are various ways you could go about this game.

There were customers in the store who caught on that we were playing a game, and they started to help us.

This was such a magical night

It was 3 years ago and every single time we walk in a Target my kids still say “Remember that time we played that game in the middle of the store” That’s what traditions are made of right there.

That’s what traditions are made of right there!

My family Christmas 2015

4 thoughts on “Best Family Christmas Scavenger hunt”

  1. We laughed so hard doing that, it was so much fun! Definitely a memory we will have forever and the girls have mentioned it when we have gone into Target ever since then. 🙂

  2. That was so fun..Then the Saran wrap game..And of course our fancy dinner and magical limo ride looking at Chriztmas lights..The hardest part was keeping it secret!!
    I want to repeat that one year!!

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