7 Crazy fun games to help develop listening skills.

Kids need to be able to remember and follow oral instructions in school. Here is a list of fun games to play to help with remembering and following directions.

Practicing in a way that will help kids be more successful and confident.

Relay Races
Divide up random objects and place the kids in 2 lanes they each have to walk across the room and do 3 tasks in order.
*Example * crawl across the room, put on the sunglasses and crab walk back.
Tell them the instructions all at once, So they have to pay close attention to be able to follow directions to finish the race.
You can increase the difficulty of the directions as you go.
Easy to incorporate exercise also.
*Example* 15 jumping Jack’s, run around the house 2x, do lunges for 3 minutes and hop back to Mom.
Both my kids are competitive, So if we race, they put more effort into finishing. 1st of course.

Grid Map Game
The goal to this game is to work your way through the map by following directions.
We lay out painters tape in a grid like rectangular area. Use the area you have.
*Example * left 2, right 3, back 5, forward 4
My kids love this game, they even get it set up, and it’s super easy to clean up, which is my person favorite.

Simon Says
Great go to game. We change up Simon to other characters my kids love….like Minnie says, Pinky Pie, Spider Man, Spounge Boy says.
The love guessing who says, or giving me ideas, or wanting to be Simon themselves.

Red light Green light
Also a classic great go to game. This is easy on the go. While we are waiting in line, or in the car we use simpler things like dancing. One of my daughters favorite games.

Quick play idea game
Very good on the go also, no prep, no equipment. We use this one as quick clean up.
I give a few things to do as fast as possible.
*Example* Put all of your stuffed animals away, blankets on bed and shoes on. The 1st one out the door will get a prize.
(We have a behavior rewards jar)

This started as a way to help get out the door faster and it has become a favorite.

What’s that sound
Listening game, Mystery sound game, Name that sound. Whatever you wanna call this it’s fun. We made a listening box but anything will work. You make sounds with different objects and have your kids guess the sounds.
• Bells
• Rattles
• Crinkly paper
• Rice
• Beans
• Marbles
Anything works, do this a few times and they get really good at guessing. My kids also give great ideas with their guesses.

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Treasure Map/Scavenger hunt
To use a treasure map is always fun. Sometimes we use one of the yard, or the house, sometimes we draw the park or the library. You only need a few basic things.

*Example* Swings, Slide, bench ect. Then draw a start point and a end. My kids know there is no treasure, but we do get snacks on the way home. But you could use a real treasure.

The scavenger hunt can be done with pictures for before they can read. Once they can read, it’s fun to expand the things they look for. We have 6 laminated scavenger hunt lists, ones for the playground, the pool, camping, ect. But a quick list would work just fine.

I have a Sensory kiddo and she has a hard time with structured time, structured activities well really anything that requires her to sit still and follow directions.

She is set to start Kindergarten in August and I absolutely want her to thrive every way possible. So we practice, a lot.

Thanks for reading

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