19+ Ways to have the most positive & productive 2019

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Happy new year!

Another year, another Christmas tote to put away.
My kids finally went back to school on Monday. My little one was over due, she missed school, her teacher, her friends, she even missed her backpack. Lol.

Instead of making resolutions that I will never actually keep, This year I decided to reflect on what I wanted for the whole year, beyond the 10lbs that I always want to lose, and beyond just January.

Your dreams will not complete themselves. You need a plan.

I want you to really think about your hopes & dreams. Things you hope to accomplish. The things you literally dream about.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.

Bill Gates

Here are a few great ways to accomplish setting your goals for this year and the years to come.

So let’s get started

Organize your space and your time

  • I love my morning coffee. I have a very rejuvenating space, that I enjoy alone. I relax, reflect on my day and try to plan things accordingly. Find a space in your home that you can retreat too. Make it healthy and rejuvenating, make it for you.
  • A command center. This is important for us, because the amount of paper that comes through this house is crazy.
  • Change your home screen to a positive meme or quote. Change this every week, to be something new, something positive, something great.
  • Schedule the most difficult tasks of the day for the morning. If this is possible, schedule your most daunting tasks for the morning. It will help to get things done early, and motivation for the day.
  • Schedule “YOU” time. Commit to yourself. You are important.
  • The 5 minute rule. Do not put off anything on your list that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. This one tip alone will make your day more productive.
  • Set up a mini routine at night, to help with the morning. Take 10 minutes before you get ready for bed, to prep your morning for success. Make coffee, lay out workout clothes, pack lunches, pick out kids clothes, get backpacks ready. Whatever it is, help yourself be successful.

Health and fitness goals

  • Water, Water, Water. Buy yourself a new water bottle and make a point to carry it around everywhere.
  • Fitness or weight goals. Writing down goals are helpful. It helps you think about what you actually want to accomplish. Commit to a new routine, a new class, sign up for a 5K Challenge yourself!
  • EAT Breakfast Everyday! It helps your metabolism, it helps your body feel awake. Try it for 3 weeks I promise, you will FEEL a difference.

Break it down to things you need to do to make that happen. 1 year goals? What would you need to accomplish in each quarter? What do you need to do monthly? Weekly and daily to achieve that?

Career – Finance – Education

  • Learn a new skill. Take a class, sign up for a course. UDEMY offers courses as low as $10
  • Rethink your current Job. Is your current situation enough, does it help you on your path to your future goals?
  • Build an Emergency Fund. If you do not already have a emergency fund, start saving for one.
  • Evaluate your current debt. Look over accounts, compare interest rates and any credit card rewards.
  • Make a financial goal. Do you want to add a stream of income to your household, pay off all debt, pay down your mortgage, buy a home. Whatever it is, set a goal, write it down, and go for it!

Mental health and Wellness

  • Choose 1 productivity activity to learn or master. Choose something to help you with productivity and practice it until it becomes a habit. Examples: Try to limit social media use until a certain time of day, Keep your desk or work area organized. Create a morning routine or schedule to help with time management. Ect.
  • Chose a personal development podcast to watch or Mom blog to follow. Having a tribe of women to relate to is the best weapon I could give you, so give it to yourself.
  • Set a productivity goal. Promise to dedicate time to your goals. 1 hour a day to check emails, or write a blog post, reorganize your room, or office, have lunch with a friend. Set goals to help you reach your best self.
  • Make a list of books to read. Something you have been wanting to read, something positive, a self help book, a finance book you have had your eye one. Put in on a list, next time your at the library check one out. You would be amazed how much motivation, can change your perspective.
  • Brain dump. At least 3x a week I do a complete brain dump. If you have never heard of this, Bacicly write down everything in your head, before bed. It helps to know it is somewhere, written down and not floating in my head before bed.

Relationship goals

  • Couples or kids. Set a goal for things you want from your relationships. Make a bucket list together, Comit to a night out. Once a week, once a month, whatever. Just make a plan.
  • Date night. Make this a priority!!! Even if you are single, give yourself a date night. It is important to have a night, designated for more that parenting. Girls night/Game night whatever it is, schedule it.
  • Over night trips. My husband and I try to do this once a month, It does not always happen, but we try. These refresh us, more than anything else we do.

I hope everyone gets to accomplish everything they set out to do this year.

I would Love to hear your feedback, your best personal development tip, favorite podcast, Most productive productivity activity you ever tried. Let us know.

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